March 30, 2014

In Spring Spirits

Hello you. How has your weekend been so far? It's been unseasonably warm for the last couple of days, so it seems everybody in the Netherlands seems to be in Spring spirits (mind you, we usually are enjoying snow and rain this time of year)!
Fiance and me decided to grab a coffee at the beach. Behind the windscreens, we were able to soak up some sun.. I can already tick that off my Spring Bucket List!

As you can see, there weren't a lot of people on the beach..
But we were enjoying ourselves so we grabbed a bite: a cream of crab bisque soup and a salmon sandwich. Yummy!
But when we got home I also got some knitting done.. Arm knitting to be exact! It's amazing how easy it is once you get the hang of it! I made this scarf in one evening! And I love the open texture of it, it's perfect for wearing on a crisp Spring night!
I'm quite proud of myself that I stuck to my YoP list this week, both the arm knitting scarf and the Spring lanterns were on it!
I would love to start on either the Yellow Scarf, or the Crocheted Tote this week. Or maybe I'll start both? Let's see what happens! Wishing you all a lovely week!


  1. What lovely photos on the beach!
    I have tried arm knitting. I like to open feel of it too. I think it only took me about half an hour to make a cowl.

  2. Your day at the beach looks simply wonderful--the view, the sun, the food! I am jealous as I have not been to our coast (2.5 hours away) in several years and I do love going. Well done on your finished objcet an your list accomplishments. Have fun picking out the next project-that can be so fun and I always love that little thrill of starting a new one.

  3. That bisque looks delicious. I will have to try to make that one day. How healthy you ate. The salmon sammy sounds great. You're making me miss lox. What a wonderful outcome with that arm knitting. I like the big stitches and the drape it gives you.

  4. The beech looks fabulous, we visited ours a couple of weeks ago - I love going when it's slightly out of season so it is nice and quiet. Love the look of the cowl and good work on your list :-)

  5. I was at a beach too this week. Amazing how the sunshine re-energizes you! A lady at our knitting group made an arm-knit scarf, and it looks great on her, just like yours! Now if I were you Id cast on both projects - after all it's spring :)

  6. It must be wonderful to be close enough to visit the beach. I live next to a lake but that's not near as awe-inspiring. Lovely pictures and you made me hungry with all the yummy looking food. I love eating outdoors and even though we have great weather here there is no where to eat They just don't do it that much like Europe does. I have to eat outside at home but there's no one to wait on me there. LOL!
    I have not tried the arm knitting but I want to after seeing your cowl. How nice and cozy warm it looks. I also like your jar covers and I "faved" that one too. You always have the most interesting projects going on.
    I didn't realize you lived in the Netherlands...funny, I am making Speculaus? cookies today. I just found a recipe and here we called them Windmill cookies. When I was a child you could buy them in the store but I haven't seen them for years but I saw a recipe in a Christmas book and decided to try to make them. It calls for a cookie mold and I have one but it's pretty big so we shall see how it goes. Have you ever made them? There's another cookie, very thin and crisp that I can buy once in awhile at the Organic store (quite a trip from here) and they are also made in the Netherlands I think....something a man's name Jules Deveroux or something like that? They literally melt in your mouth and it is my life goal to find a recipe or discover how to make them myself. Sorry to go off subject like that but I thought you might be able to shed some light on my cookie appetite. LOL! I also worked for years for an insurance company Aegon that was based out of the Hague. It sounds like a beautiful place on earth. You also have some great athletes, I am especially interested in your equestrians as I used to ride dressage years ago and you guys are phemominal riders and your horses are gorgeous. I'll stop now! LOL!
    I am needing to get back to my list and update it and see exactly how I am doing as I haven't a clue. I go off on so many tangents but it's fun to have a zillion interests...I just don't get a lot of "finishes" that way. Have a great week and enjoy your Spring!