March 2, 2014

Hello again!

Hello again and happy Sunday! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Let's start off with a picture that is long overdue! I finished this Soft Necklace a while ago but I never made a proper picture of it.. So... tada! It's feels so soft and lovely on my skin and I love wearing this instead of a 'real necklace' during colder weather..

I've also tried to make a big (!) crochet flower design, but so far I haven't gotten them bigger than my hand..

I thought a big flower would be nice on the pillow cover I made two weeks ago.. Or maybe I'll sew own a cluster of three? With cute buttons in the middle of the flowers?

I'm also moving (or better yet, have moved) back to this Lily Razz blog from the Lily Gets Crafty blog. And I'm celebrating with a give away later this week! So stay tuned and have a lovely week!


  1. Love the flowers, they'd look great on the pillow. The necklace is very pretty.

  2. Knitted jewelry is always fun and unique. The flowers look great. I think you're on the right track.

  3. The flowers are gorgeous, I'm looking for some lovely flower designs myself! Love the necklace.

  4. The necklace looks great and the flowers are gorgeous!

  5. Yes, I think a grouping of 3 would be great on the the dots! Your necklace is genius is that? Did you use jewelry attachments in the back or just tie with yarn cords? I'm curious because my daughter makes jewelry and I crochet but never the twain shall meet. I love your blog decor...I tried getting some different background on mine from pics I took but it wouldn't upload....too big, I think.
    Oh, I just spied your crocheted cat nest too! I need one of those for my cat. I feel terrible she doesn't have a bed of her own and the dogs do....although I share mine with her and not the dogs. I can't wait to see the pillow all finished. I bet it will be a real eye-catcher! Have a great week.