November 8, 2014

Needle Felting Workshop

Hey all! As you might know I took a needle felting workshop a while ago. What's needle felting you ask? Needle felting is the process of felting/tangling one piece of wool to another using barbed needles. The needles take the wool fibers from one piece and drag them through the other piece where they tangle and attach the two pieces.

So first they advised to make a penguin using an example.. First you make all the basic shapes seperately. Here's my felting needle, the white body and two feet.. The black in the corner is black felt I'll be using to make the penguin's coat and eyes!

November 4, 2014

DIY Tuesday: Arm Knitting

Hi you guys! Last week I showed you my arm knitted infinity scarves that were so easy and quick to make.. I definitely recommend you making at least one this winter! Now there are a lot of great videos on youtube, but I wanted to share my favourite with you. So here it is! Grab some yarn, sit back, relax, and go armknit!

November 2, 2014

Finally.. A YoP Update!

I know I know.. I have been so quiet.. No YoP posts for .. a looooong time! Our little Kitty cat Nala has also been on intensive care (in our home) for the last couple of weeks... (here's the reason why by the way) so things have been a bit 'out of whack at home..

But today I am posting a YoP update! Yay!

Because of Nala I couldn't focus on patterns, so Ive been mainly working with my felt plushies and knitting-wise I've done a lot of 'instant gratification' projects.. Lots of comfy scarves being armknitted at the moment! You can find a few posted in this FO Friday post, and I even put three up for sale in my Lily Razz Shop! These two are my favourite ^_^

November 1, 2014

PinkRibbon Donation

As you might know October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
I'm lucky that I myself, nor someone close to me, have not been diagnosed with breastcancer, but I do think it's important to support this cause. 

At the beginning of "Pinktober" I decided to donate $1.00 of every sale I made with my Etsy Shop during October, to With 9 sales this month it may not be a whole lot of money, but together with a bit of my own funds... every little bit helps, right?

Supporting the fighters, Admiring the survivors, Honoring the taken, and never giving up hope!