September 27, 2011

I have been bad!

Somehow I have managed to not work on my YoP projects for weeks! I had planned to finish some of my WIP's and then start on some new projects. This resulted in exactly not that. Bad. Bad, bad, bad me!

So what have I been doing? Well... other things! I tested this scarf crochet pattern. I made two fall wreaths and a fall bucket list...

Then I started on a new crochet jacket. It seemed so warm, comfy and cozy. So typically for fall and I just couldn't resist!

But what's the point of having a list if you keep being tempted by new ideas/projects?!
I really need some advice from you guys on how to stick to my YoP list! Maybe starting on the christmass presents on the list will give me a boost? Maybe treat myself with something nice when I finish a YoP project! Hmmm....

September 24, 2011

Fall's here!

Today it's officially fall! The trees are already changing colors and leaves are starting to fall down. And have you already made a to-do-list for this year's fall? I have!

I was inspired by this list and several other lists, but I adjusted my to-do list as we don't have hayrides or pumpkin fields in the Netherlands :(