April 1, 2014

Pretty Yellows..

Happy April! Looks like the flowers know that Easter is a-coming!  Fiance gifted me a new camera to take pictures with! I'm such a lucky girl.. I took these pictures in the garden of my to-be-parents-in-law. Aren't those pretty yellows? 

Today I hung my laundry outside to dry, the weather is crazy over here! I thought this would also be a lovely item on my Spring Bucket List, so I added it! I also edited the post, adding a pdf format of the list, so you can download it if you want to. Click here if you want to have a looksie at the free printable!


  1. A good camera is always a solid investment. The clarity is noticeable. Happy yellows.

  2. Happy April! Your photos with your new camera are lovely....and you have got it at just the right time to capture the spring and summer colour!
    Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Helen xox