September 12, 2012

Le Sweety Pie Bag!

I'm so happy with my latest crochet creation! It's fun, it's funky and very handy!
It's my Sweety Pie Bag!

I'm really happy I tried this pattern. It was much easier than I thought!
The only part that was a bit confusing was making the mouth, but I found this tutorial to help me!
 The only thing that bugs me is that it isn't matchable with every outfit.. Should I have chosen more neutral colors?

August 21, 2012

Can't Resist

Did you know cat owners are 40% less likely to have heart attacks than non-cat owners?

August 17, 2012

The Joy of Slouch!

Recently I've crocheted two slouch hats.
My Happy Hippy Grey (free pattern here):

And my Joy of Slouch (free pattern here):

We've had a cold-ish summer so I've been excited to wear these, but somehow the weather has been warm the last few days! Yaay! But... now I can't wear my hats! Bummer..

I'm also a bit thrown off crocheting because it's that hot.. What do you think? Should I think of a summer project to crochet? Or should I just enjoy the weather and not crochet? Do you make a summer project lately?  

August 14, 2012

C´est les champignons!

It feels like we skipped the summer weather this year. We went from winter to spring-like weather to fall! I love the sun and the warmth and everything about summer! So I´m sad! On the other hand it inspires me to craft!

Based on this tutorial I made these cute mushroom-babies!

Aren´t they cute?

I think they are! C´est les champignons!

Are you already thinking of fall? Do you already have projects you´d like to make?
I´m interested so let me know!

August 6, 2012

Isn´t life sweet..

The other day I made this cotton candy bally for a friend of mine:

But I never dared to expect such a lovely reaction from her. She said nothing at first but just gave me the biggest hug! So sweet! Isn´t life sweet? I think it is!

Here´s the pattern link! (free!)