March 28, 2014

A Lovely FO Friday!

Lovely Friday to you! I'ts been a lovely warm and sunny day today so I'm really in a spring-mood!

It's FO Friday but I don't have too much to show you at the moment.. I only finished two more lanterns, so I now have a combo of three:

Even though I'm really more into pastel colors at the moment, I'm loving these color combo's. They're so bright and vibrant! Just what our house needed after a dull dark winter!

And do you remember the Squidoo's I made a while ago?

Well, SIL-to-be and I finally went to the Poezenboot (in English it's Cat Boat) today to donate some stuff to those kitties!

I know, that's not a great picture but those are my squids on the floor (and they were very well received, if I might say so myself). I just had to get out of there to make sure I didn't adopt one of the kitties right then and there!
Anyhoo, I'm very happy with my three lanterns..
I might make more of them, in different colors.. Maybe pink and white? Or green and pink? Not sure yet. Do you have a special/favourite color combination?


  1. Those are a happy sight. They reflect your personality.

    1. Oh that's such a sweet comment Kepanie, thank you!