March 21, 2014

The shear force of Nala

Our little baby Nala got spayed.. Poor little thing had to wear a romper for ten(!) whole days..
Here she is, looking at me all sad and confused..

Of course she got a lot of love and cuddles from fiance and me..

But next to recovering from her operation, she was busy trying to tell us that she wasn't particularly loving her romper..
See that gaping hole on the side? That's not supposed to be there.... 

We were feeling so sorry for her so we cut the ten days short by two days and checked whether she wouldn't lick her stitches too much.. She was so happy to get it off and be free again!
So there you have it.. If you really want to get something done (or in Nala's case, off) don't be afraid to persist... ;-)

1 comment :

  1. Sharp teeth. Glad the surgery went well and she's happier now.