March 26, 2014

Random Blog Post

Hey everyone! It's WIP Wednesday but I don't have a lot of projects on the go that I really want to show you.. Instead I though I'd blog about what's keeping me busy this week..

I've been really trying to learn how to sew in the last couple of weeks. When I was moving around some stuff in our attic, I found this box, that my mom had given to me when she moved to Canada.. It felt like I had struck gold! Look at all those colors!

Next to that I've been working on a new crochet pattern. It's not going very quickly, but here's a sneak-peek into my 'creative progress' (read, the mess that I make when I'm crafting).. Can you see what it's going to be?

And to make my already-good-mood even better, I got to have BiBimBap for lunch! Yummy! Bi bim bap is a Korean dish, and immediately was one of my favourites when I got acquuaited with the Korean kitchen. But I didn't eat it for a long time, and tasting it today was a yummy treat for me! Yay!

Have you got a dish that you love but almost never eat? What is it and why do you (almost) never eat it? Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. I love how the thread is on cute spools. We don't really sell thread like that any more I think. That bibimbap looks awesome. My hub was talking about that last night. I love over easy eggs for any time of the day!

  2. Hi Kepanie! I love over easy eggs too ^_^ Oh really, is your hub Korean? I'm always in doubt whether your Korean, Hawaiian or something else exotic and I'm always afraid to ask ;-)