March 16, 2014

YoP: working away my WIPs

Good afternoon! Hope you're having a relaxing weekend?

I took a pic of Sweet Scarf of mine just now while wearing it.. Here it is! It's not very necessary to wear it though, the sun is shining! C'mon spring!

This weekend I also finished Wags. Here he is!

But I feel like something's missing.. Maybe I'll make him a scarf? I have to think about it..

I also finished the third flower for my pillow, but I haven't sewn them on because I just haven't found the right buttons yet. But I don't have a clue of what I'm looking for, what color or what size.. Which makes finding the right button a bit difficult!

And I keep coming back to these lanterns on my YoP list. I've been wanting to start them for such a long time, I really want to make it asap! But somehow, the weeks come and go and I keep forgetting...

Not only would they make great lanters, but they could also double as vases, to put spring flowers in!
With spring slowly coming up this way, I realize I still have a lot of 'wintery' to-do's on my YoP list.. Mittens, scarves, beanies.. And they're not that appealing to me, because well.. I want to make spring-projects! Something to remember when I make my YoP list next year..
My updated list here! Wishing you all a lovely week!
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  1. You are fantastic. The dog is cute. He's so fun looking. The scarf makes me smile every time. I have fond memories of peppermint swirls. The lantern cozies are a great idea.