May 4, 2014

Random Happy Colors

Hello and a happy Sunday to you!

This will be a short update since I've had a bit of a busy week with appointments and meeting up with people.. There's been a bit less crocheting than I had planned.. (sad face)

I did start on the Amigurumi Bubble Toy as I had promised myself! Unfortunately there's not that much progress, so I didn't bother to take pictures yet..
I do however have a few sneak-peek pictures of some other random things I'm making!
Random, yes?

As you can see, some unblocked granny squares in happy colors.. That's it for today as I'm off for a quick looksie at your YoP updates and then back to the crocheting! Yay!
Wish you all a lovely week!


  1. Hello sunshine! That lime green rocks! Love seeing it against that purple. I always like the sight of stacked pieces of a Granny square blanket.

  2. Love the random happy colour pictures.

  3. Such delightful-coloured granny squares! Looking forward to seeing their progress...

  4. Those colours are definitely cheerful.

  5. Mmmm I love those colours!! Can't wait to see them together.

  6. Very bright and sunny. I hope you got lots of lovely crochet time today :)

  7. Isn't it just so satisfying to see a pile of grannies in all different colors? So pleasing to the eye and to the person that whipping them out! I love your colors..bright and happy. I can't wait to see your amigurumi....I started one too but I need to order "safety eyes". Hope you get some hook time in.

  8. Bright and happy sums this post up! Can't wait to see it all complete.
    Have a great week--