July 29, 2014

DIY Tuesday - 10 Wine Cork Crafts

Hello! How are you this fine Tuesday? If you're like me, you also 'collect' or save wine corks for possible future craft projects.. Here's my stash at the moment..

As you can see I don't have that much.. And it isn't growing as fast as I had thought! But I'm very positive that one day I'll have a lot! And so I've already checked out some wine cork projects for that crafty day!

July 28, 2014

Mood Board Monday - A rainy day

Hello you! Here in Amsterdam, the weather has been great (meaning lovely sunny and warm) for the last couple of weeks.. So it was a surprise to wake up this morning to a dark, gloomy, rainy day..

Here's a picture taken just a few streets from my house today! Yep.. That's usally the road!

how about taking things positively ^_^

July 26, 2014

Year of Project 3 - Wrap Up

Yes, I know.. I'm very very late... But I wanted to do a wrap up of YOP3 before starting on year 4.. Even if it's only for me..

I started with YoP3 very late too! The year always starts in July, but I joined in October (do we see a pattern here people?) I had so much fun putting together a list, trying to follow my list, and of course starting LOTS of projects that were not on my list.. A quick looksie into my finished projects:

July 18, 2014

Stash Additons!

Hello there! As you know I've been on vacation, and I have stashed up on supplies over there!!!!

Now in the Netherlands, supermarkets only mostly sell foodstuffs and toiletries.. So can you imagine my amazement when I walked into Walmart and saw a whole aisle of yarn! I think I shrieked of excitement! And I know fiancé went "oh this is bad" in his head.

So lemme show you what this girl bought!

July 5, 2014

Back from Vacation!

Hello Bonjour!

How have you been? I have been on vacation the last couple of weeks! Where to do you ask? To visit my parents in Calgary, Canada; then roadtripping Canada and North America! And I have to tell you, it was awesome! And today I'm sharing some of the amazing things we've seen :)

So this is the route we took. We drove a lot of miles, but it was less than our last route66 roadtrip, two years ago. We just love roadtripping!

Here's a view just along the highway beautiful Canada. I can't tell you how much picture-perfect views we've seen in our first week!