March 24, 2014

Granny Square Lovin'

Hi lovelies! I'm late for my YoP update! This weekend's been a bit crazy so I didn't have time to blog. Oopsie! But I'm here now.. This week has been all about granny squares. It all started with this lantern pattern that I showed you last week. It's essentially the basic granny square stitches, but around a glass jar. Fun!

I loved the colors so much, I decided to make a matching pillow cover. What could be more perfect than a granny square?

And since the arrival of Nala I've been hiding away my needles, pins and other sewing supplies in an ugly plastic container, but I finally found a pretty heart-shaped wooden box to replace it. I thought this was the perfect excuse to make myself a pretty new pincushion.
Another granny square... It's such a little cutie, don't you think? I found the free pattern here at LuluLoves! I think I'll be making some more lanters this week, and maybe some more pincushions as well! Love the instant gratification factor! What are you working at the moment?


  1. Gorgeous - I love all of it - the granny squares and the heart box!

  2. What a lot of sweet springiness in this post. I think most of the northern hemisphere is so done with winter and ready for some splash of color! Your little heart shaped box is adorable--as well as your Nala baby (I read a few posts below)--I am thinking that little kitten loves your yarn! :) Have a wonderful week..

  3. What a splendid box. That is awesome. I love tulips. And the matching set is great.