About Me

Lovely to meet you.. My name is Zerlina and this is where I record my crafty & geeky adventures, combined with bits and pieces of my life.

Living in Amsterdam I'm a city girl at heart.. (though I do love nature and animals.. Is that a paradox?) I live together with my amazing fiance and my kitty cat Nala. No kiddies. Maybe someday.. For now I'm Nala's mommy..

I started blogging mostly to clear some of the clutter that's in my head, and to nail down all the ideas that float around in there.. But I actually love reading other blogs, they can be so fun and inspiring!

I love (other than fiance and Nala and in no particular order):
Traveling, Flowers, Coffee, Kawaii, Daydreaming, Butterflies, Bubbles, Colors, Amigurumi, Laughter, Sunshine, Comfort Food, Waking up to the sound of birds singing..

Cheers to you for taking the time to get to know me a bit..

Any comments, suggestions, tips etc. are very welcome! 

Life's too short to blend in!

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