October 21, 2011

Taking a Break

Just wanted to let you all know that I'll be on holiday and I'll be back by early November!

Can't wait to see your projects and craftiness when I come back!

Happy Crafting! Lily

October 19, 2011

Crocheting and Cleaning

Hello again! I had such a busy but great weekend! I didn't have any time to blog! We cleaned out our attic and made a little space where I can make a craft corner! How excited am I ?!? It's very empty right now, there aren't even curtains! But that's one thing I love about it! It's like a blank canvas! Last couple of days I've just been dreaming of how I'm going to set it up and decorate it.. Oh what a wonderful life! ^_^

As for my crochet it's going well but slowly. I'm still working on my fall blanket and it's already big enough that I can cuddle up under it while I'm working on it! And the wool is really chunky and heavy which I like since I've never worked with such heavy yarn before. Here are some pictures of it in progress:

 I like the color combination I chose for it, though the brown is a bit darker in the pictures!

And it's literally the biggest project I've ever crocheted so I'll be very proud and happy once it's done!

And I'm also working on my Big Blue Scarf again. I hid it in the closet for some time since I really didn't like the look of it. Then I frogged the thing and started over, this time working in the width instead of the length. This way the multi-coloured yarn came out much nicer, but I'm not very convinced this'll be one of my favourite pieces.. I'm not sure whether I even dare to give it as a christmas present! This is what it looks like now:

And I have a question for you all. I've come accross a tutorial of how you can re-use your old clothes and crochet with fabric. After giving it some thought, I was a bit frustrated because I couldn't come up with anything to crochet accept for a rug. So I'd like to ask you: have you every crocheted with fabric? Any ideas on what you can make with it?

I always donate old clothes to charity but I thought maybe I could try it! I'd love it if you'd help me think of something to make!

Have a great rest of the week everybody!

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October 14, 2011

Making a Button Tree!

One of my favourite to-do's on my fall bucket list is "decorating the living room" for fall, because it's something that can be a continuous activity throughout fall! And that of course gives me time and options to play creative!
I have made a money tree before, but as a fall piece I thought I'd make a button tree! You can make it in so many ways, but here's my version of the button tree!

What you'll need:
- a blank canvas
- some oil paint
- glue
- buttons

Unfortunately I don't have a hot glue gun so I just used a "hobbyglue". And I went to my local craftshop to buy buttons. They always sell their left-over buttons for cheap (i.e. a can containing 20 of the same buttons for 1euro a can) so I bought 5cans of buttons in several sizes and color!

Before I started painting, I dropped some of the buttons on the canvas and started playing with them, and imagined the tree I wanted to paint.

Make sure you let the paint dry before you start glueing on the buttons! Now comes my favourite part: putting the buttons in place! I first placed all the buttons on the canvas before I started to glue. Of course that's a personal choice, you can also start with one button and let your creative forces flow!

Again, don't forget to wait for the glue to dry! Then find a nice spot in your home where you want to display your tree! (I decided not to frame my tree, but of course that also an option).

And voila! There's my button tree!

October 9, 2011

Two FO's and a Smile

Happy Sunday everyone!

One of the 2 WIPs I talked about last Wednesday is done! It's my Longing for Autumn jacket and I'm wearing it as I'm typing this post! ^-^
I haven't made better pictures yet but here's an impression of what it looks like:
 It's so nice and comfy to wear, I'm really happy with it! I used a smaller hook (because I didn't have a bigger one) and compensated with using the Large-size startchains and pattern repeats and it worked! **Smile!**

And for a Christmas Present I wanted to make the Martha Cowl scarf but unfortunately the pattern was taken down, so I decided to make a granny scarf instead. Such an easy pattern, and done before I knew it!
I'm still going to try to replicate the Martha Cowl scarf since many ravelers seem to have done so. But I'm happy I made the granny scarf as well!

So there you have it, a two FO's and a big smile!

Hope you all have a lovely week! x Lily

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October 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday!

Happy WIP Wednesday everyone! We had some kind of heatwave last weekend - which was really weird for October but nice though! we're back to our typical fall weather. But this year I try to be inspired by it instead of being frustrated. So next to my other fall craftiness I have two crocheting projects dedicated to fall, and they're really coming along nicely!

First, I have my Longing for Autum Jacket. The colour I chose is light yellow-ish. I'm quite happy with my choice since it's turning out to be a very soft yarn so I think I'll be very comfy in it! And I very much like the look of the pattern. I finished all the parts, but now I've got to sew it toghether and somehow I keep putting that off! I really hope I can put it together before FO Friday!

Then I have my Fall Blanket which is essentially a baby blanket but I'm making one for my couch so it's supposed to turn out a bit bigger.
I'm using chunky yarn and a 9mm hook and instead of ch94 I made a foundation chain that was approx. 150cm. I've just changed color from a dark brown to an offwhite and then I switch to a baby blue color. I do hope the color combination is nice, but I'll have to see!

My goal is to finish both WIPs by this weekend, so I can start on more christmas presents soon, the Martha Cowl Scarf and the Convertible Cowl!

Happy crafting everybody!

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October 3, 2011

Christmas presents!

Fall has arrived and it's the perfect time to see how far along I am with my christmas presents!

The first present I made is the Comfy Grey Canada Cowl which is supposed to be sent to my aunt in Canada. Simple, but warm and comfy!

The second is one of my favourites, my Bohemian Bobble Cowl which is so soft and so versatile to wear!

And then the Very Berry Cowl with it's urban pink color! I think/hope my mom will love it!

That's it for now, next ones up should be the Martha Cowl Scarf and the Convertible Cowl!
I think the weather will soon get me in the mood for some more christmas projects crocheting!