August 24, 2014

YoP Update

* moshi moshi! * How are you today?

We have had such a busy week, we're still moving and decorating and I've been putting all my craft supplies into our new cabinet.. I'm not yet finished, but I'm definitely doing a post this week showing you my craft supply organization so far! Today's post is about the crafting ^_^

Last week I started on the little knitted gift bags, and here they are now:

They're not yet finished, I'm still thinking about how I want to decorate them - either with buttons or beads - but I like how the two-color idea turned out. By the time the second was casted off, I really felt I'm getting the hang of it (dpn knitting, I mean).  Do you have any ideas about what embellishments I should use?
I'm thinking of making the easy knitted bangle next, but I'm not expecting a lot of knitting this week, because I was asked if I wanted to sell my lily razz items at a craft fair next Sunday! So exciting!
So if there will be any crafting, it'll be making my softies! Here's a cloud I finished yesterday:

So wish me luck on Sunday! And please keep you're fingers crossed it'll be sunny! Buhbye now!


  1. I like your gift bags better than the pattern ones. I love the two-toned sweet. Your cloud pillow is darling. Every child and adult should be reminded of that. Good luck at the fair!!!! Congrats!!!!

  2. Good luck on your fair. I am sure you will do well. Your crafting is very nice.

  3. I just love how those gift bags turned out, perhaps for deroration a trio of buttons or wee flower stitched on in the corner and a bead on the end of the tie would be gorgeous to match the colour of the bags. Best of luck with your fair, your softies are so gorgeous I can't wait to see some of them, you could take a pic of your table to show us all :)

  4. How sweet - really love the gift bags and the cloud pillow. :)

  5. You have adventurous spirit. Your softies will sell. I love your two times bags. What a great way to destash too.