August 31, 2014


So.. after a week of not knitting and preparing for the craft fair, I got a text message yesterday that the fair was postponed to next week because of the bad weather! I'm still a bit perplexed by it, and I'm wondering how many people will show up today, not having heard about the postponement.

Anyhoo, I did put my items up on our cupboard for the time being.. Looks like a happy bunch, right?

I don't think I'll do another week without knitting, I really want to make these bracelets:

And the colder weather also has me wanting to try socks, but I don't think my head is "there" at the moment.. I'm sure that if I start on a sock now, I'll make a lot of mistakes because I'm not focused enough..

Ps. one of my little knitted gift bags from last week has already served it's purpose! My SIL has two adorable little kittens, so I filled a bag with little crocheted cat toys and gave it to her. Happy SIL and happy kitties!

What are you up to this week? Are you more in a starting or finishing mode?


  1. Your table looks so pretty, I hope too many don't turn up, that is always the tricky thing about postponing, Those bracelets look so cool! Me I'm more in a starting mood but I must finish first :)

  2. Very cheery! Love the way the cats are peering out :)

    Drat you for showing those bangle patterns. I had to stop reading your blog for a few minutes to click the links and fave them. I'm all about bangles these days.

    I found my first few sock projects very hard - especially the heels. But once you've done a pair or two, you'll be a pro! When you're ready to try them you'll find plenty of support!

  3. Love your products and the way they look together. Hope it goes well next week, the bracelets look fabulous, are you thinking of selling them on your stall?

  4. LOVE, LOVE your felt creations all hanging out together. They are eye candy and will sell well. Bummers about the weather. Ppl will be disgruntled if they show up and nothing's there.
    I seem to be in a finishing mode, yay!

  5. So sorry about the craft fair being canceled...bummer! Your little sweeties look cute all gathered together waiting anxiously for new homes. Oh! I have to make some of those cable bracelets. My daughter loves jewelry and she would be so surprised that I made jewelry.
    The past month has been all about starting for me but now I want to finish some things and then I'll get the urge to start things again before I get the others finished....a vicious cycle I think they call it. lol! Have a good week.

  6. Love those bracelets... you must start those! Your table looks full of cuteness and rearing to go. I'm feeling fickle at the mo... want to start lots of things but can't actually settle on any one thing to start!!!

  7. What you've done for the fair is amazing, so pretty! I hope people will show up next week, and it is a success for you!

  8. Your table of goodies looks fantastic!

    I love those cable bracelets, they look great. Got to put these on my to-do list!