August 4, 2014

Neutrals and Naturals

Hey you. How was your weekend?

Fiané and me decided we needed new dining room chairs, as our old ones are 10years old and definitely showing their age! We then decided we want a new couch too, so we're selling our current couch.

As you can see, we like our neutrals. No, we LOVE our neutrals! Scroll down for some more great neutrals finds!

Look at these wonderful fingerless gloves, made by Inita in Latvia. She makes beautiful things, from wristwarmers to shawls to babydresses, so check out her shop Initasworks here!

Another lovely neutral find are these lace crochet earrings. Gloria from LittleFlowerbyGloria can make them in the color of your choice! 

And I just love this inspirational quote. The colors, the fonts.. has a great variety of prints, quotes and nature photographs! Wouldn't it be beautiful to have this hanging in your home?

Do you like neutrals? Are you more fan of colors? Or do you love both, just like me? ^_^


  1. You've got a great eye for neutrals! You know me, neutrals with a pop of color is how I roll.

  2. Love the new couch - but that would never last in my house - between cat messes and Dave splashing coffee all over the place - I think it's kinda like having a house full of toddlers! I stick to things that hide stains!