April 12, 2014

A hooded baby blanket

Hello you. I'm actually a day late since it's Saturday and not FO Friday, but I'm still proud that I've put my first crocheted item up for sale on Etsy.. Up 'till now I've only put a felt items up for sale, but not anymore!

So here it is.. A hooded baby blanket!

I'm not sure whether it will sell since the colors are not 'classic' baby, and the weather just started getting warmer.. But who knows? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.. Right?

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. This is a very sweet blanket. I like the melon and white. It's great for a spring or summer baby.

  2. I think it will! It's such a nice change from the usual baby pastels. I love it and I'll have to remember that the next time I need a baby gift. Good luck!