April 26, 2014

My Etsy Adventure

Hi guys! As you might know, I started up my Etsy store 'for realsy' a few weeks ago. And I have to tell you, it was falling down a rabbit hole!

So.. what happened?

In my enthusiasm I told my family and friends that I was going to sell on Etsy. Of course they wanted to have a look at my Etsy shop and know more about it! But not being able to answer all their questions like a pro, not knowing all the ins and outs of being an Etsy seller left me feeling like an inexperienced beginner, like a child who's trying to ride a bike for the first time, struggling and falling, whilst being watched by the entire family.

This time I was determined to do 'more' than only listing some products in my store. But I didn't really know what 'more' entailed. Generating traffic, but how? Finding a pricing sweet spot, but how? Write a great introduction about myself and my store, but how? Drawing a blank trying to answer all my own questions, I tried to read about it on Etsy. But the sea of information picked me up and swallowed me whole.

The not-knowing and self-imposed pressure of making a sale were getting to me. I had started many projects, but no mo-jo to finish them. In the midst of all those unfinished projects, I began to feel lost.

After a few weeks of feeling lost, I was able to tell myself that it's okay to not be a pro when you're just starting out at something. I had forgotten that I started this Etsy adventure because I love crafting! Not to have to prove myself to the whole world... Spring came along, and my juices began to flow again.

I took some time to think about details of my shop. Policies, my about page, shop sections etc.And what goals did I want to set for myself? Visiting other shops, and joining a team (Self Taught Artist Team) really helped.

In the meantime I've joined more teams, and made four sales, which I think isn't that bad considering I started out with only 8 items in my shop!

So that's my Etsy adventure so far.. Of course I'm now going to do a little harmless self-promotion! Click here to visit my shop, and with the code LILYRAZZ15, you get 15% discount on a purchase! )this code expires by end of this year)

See you soon!


  1. Ho'omaka'i on your first four sales! 🎉 Yay! Your items are so cute. I love the kawaii factor.
    May I ask you what kinds of questions were asked by everyone? I am not ready to list anything yet in my shop. I still have to figure out policy and stuff, but it helped to look at sellers I know.
    I think it definitely is a learning practice and part instinct on what you feel is right. Do what you're comfortable with. You should be happy creating.

    1. Thank you Kepanie, you're so sweet! Questions asked by family and friends were:
      1. "Do you have to register with Chamber of Commerce even if you haven't sold anything yet?"
      2. Will people who buy something from you need to pay customs charges upon delivery (after they've paid you the item price and shipping costs)?
      3. Do you know about sales tax and discount / use?
      4. Do you trademark your items?
      .. And so on..

      I agree it's definitely you learn by trial and error and indeed a big part of starting out is following your gut.. Looking at sellers you know can be a big help indeed!