April 27, 2014

Back to Business!

Hi guys! I've missed 2 or 3 weeks of a YoP update.. Mainly because I was busy with starting up my Etsy shop, and time just flew by!

So what do I have to show for in the crochet area? I came up with a flower rattle pattern, and here are the FO's from that pattern so far:


I still have to write out the full pattern, it's still mainly in my head!

I also made this little sweetheart star. It's a fun pattern, here's the link!

Of course non of these were on my YoP list.. So I'm determined to start with at least one YoP project this week, namely Amigurumi Bubble Leg Monster.. I'm hoping I can squeeze in one more but I doubt that I have the time to do so.. Anyhoo, I'll update my YoP list later this week, now I'm off visiting your lovely blogs!
Have a lovely week!


  1. I 💞 your creations with the kawaii eyes! The rattle is a terrific creation. It would make a splendid gift for a baby.

  2. Ahh they are all gorgeous. Your shop looks fabulous, lovely photos and products. - congratulations on setting it up.

  3. Love both the rattles and the star!

  4. You are definitely creative! I can barely follow a pattern much less make one up..LOL!
    The rattles are darling and what a great idea. The star is too cute and I love stars as I'm always going on about people being "the star" in their own life. Precious projects and I too have to focus on YOP's this week. TTYL!

  5. Love the rattles - so funky and pretty! The star is really cute too. Maria x