April 8, 2014

Let's go outside..

I think these two are trying to tell me something.. Whatever could it be?
The weather has been so lovely lately that it was time for Nala's first time outside! Living in Amsterdam we sadly don't have a garden but luckily we have a balcony, and I'm determined to make it kitty heaven!
I got her some catgrass, though its not homegrown.. I'm definitely going to try that later..
And do you fellow crafters also save up leftover yarn for the birds, so they have a bit of happy colored fluff for their nests? I hung it on a safe distance from Nala of course!
Nala loved being outside, smelling the flowers, looking at everything that moved..
I bought a few herbs, and some pretty flowers to match our white and yellow chair..
Oh how we love being outside... sitting in the sun, smelling the flowers..


  1. I didn't know you had two kitties. They were dying to go outside and chase things. I like that bird nest ball. I've seen it on Pinterest. You're very sweet to think of the feathered friends.

    1. Yes I saw it on Pinterest too! I don't have two kitties, the tortoise Kitty is our neighbour kitty, she comes by often to play with Nala! ^_^

  2. Love the kitty photo.....how cute they look together, like a sweet greeting card! Love the blossom picture too....hope you are having a sunny weekend.
    Helen xox

  3. Your balcony looks beautiful! I love it!
    My Mom tosses her yarn bits into the back yard - the birds grab them up quickly. I like your idea too - much tidier!