July 29, 2014

DIY Tuesday - 10 Wine Cork Crafts

Hello! How are you this fine Tuesday? If you're like me, you also 'collect' or save wine corks for possible future craft projects.. Here's my stash at the moment..

As you can see I don't have that much.. And it isn't growing as fast as I had thought! But I'm very positive that one day I'll have a lot! And so I've already checked out some wine cork projects for that crafty day!

Here are ten DIY projects (+ tutorials) we can make with wine corks! Just click on the tekst below the picture to see the tutorial!

(or bulletin board)
Wine Cork Sculpture by lilblueboo
So much you can do with wine corks! Which one is your favourite?


  1. What neat ways to use corks. I like so many of them - corkboard, mini garden, the letter.

    1. I love them too Kepanie! Can't wait to start a project! :)

  2. I love the little mini gardens - my grandma always had a little air plant on her fridge when I was growing up - I always thought they were so magical!