July 5, 2014

Back from Vacation!

Hello Bonjour!

How have you been? I have been on vacation the last couple of weeks! Where to do you ask? To visit my parents in Calgary, Canada; then roadtripping Canada and North America! And I have to tell you, it was awesome! And today I'm sharing some of the amazing things we've seen :)

So this is the route we took. We drove a lot of miles, but it was less than our last route66 roadtrip, two years ago. We just love roadtripping!

Here's a view just along the highway beautiful Canada. I can't tell you how much picture-perfect views we've seen in our first week!

Then, of course, Yellowstone.. Such a mystical place to me.. If there would be anywhere in the world, this is where dragons would live...
And this is our RV. 30ft. And yes, that's snow on our campground. In June! We were camping at 8000ft, but still! 

We saw so much wildlife! Bison, elk, deer, eagles.. Nature can be so impressive!

Is that a reindeer? I have yet to identify this animal. It antlers were so beautiful! And see the bison in the background?

Fast forward to Kelowna, Canada! Because of the weird and warm climate - and the many vineyards - they call it the "Napa Valley" of Canada. So of course, we had to have lunch including wine tasting!

Yep. That's a bear.

Me trying to keep the fire burning.. Let's make a bbq dinner!

Another great lunch with an amazing view.. Lake Louise near Banff, Canada..

Another picture of Lake Louise, taken after lunch..

This is me hiking/dancing near one of our camping spots, near Rampart Creek, Calgary. Happy!

And on our last morning camping, this is what we woke up to.. about 1yard from our camping spot:
(ps. you don't see it on this picture, but they had about 8babies with them! So adorable!!

So that was a bit of our holiday! It was amazing seeing my 'parental units' and being able to make this trip! Truly, an unforgettable vacation!


  1. Wow! You and your ohana are adventurous! This is an awesome trip. Very cool how you saw wildlife and land in her natural stat. I hope to tale the kids to Canada one day. It is such a gorgeous country.