July 26, 2014

Year of Project 3 - Wrap Up

Yes, I know.. I'm very very late... But I wanted to do a wrap up of YOP3 before starting on year 4.. Even if it's only for me..

I started with YoP3 very late too! The year always starts in July, but I joined in October (do we see a pattern here people?) I had so much fun putting together a list, trying to follow my list, and of course starting LOTS of projects that were not on my list.. A quick looksie into my finished projects:


I gained a bit more experience in knitting, I learned the crochet basketweave stitch, and made more gifts than I expected to make!

And then there were the lovely surprises this YoP year:

** A friend 'ordered' a crochet project from me so she could gift a handmade project to her friend:

** I got to read a lot of superb blogs, like Knitspiring Odyssey, MySpareMoments, farmgirlsam and Life and Yarn or Yarn and Life

** I published a pattern called Fish Candy:

** I wrote another pattern (not yet published) Flower Rattles:

** My Fish Candy Pattern was featured in Australia's Homespun Magazine!

And last but not least, I was inspired to have a go at selling on Etsy again, with my Lily Razz Etsy Shop..

I can absolutely say that YoP3 was a wonderful year (or rather, 9 months) for me!

On to year 4!!


  1. I've forgotten these fun and cute projects you've made. They are eye candy. You had a great year and mahalo for the shout out.

  2. Great wrap-up...and thanks for the mention......I started late on YOP, too...but in Jan..so I do. Mine Jan-Dec......so cool you were featured in a magazine...

    1. Thank you Gracey! I think it's cool too ^_^ I'm late again for YoP4!

  3. I love your look back and I too had forgotten how gorgeous all your projects were. I've been missing you this past few weeks on yop so I'm delighted to hear your joining in again, can't wait to see what you do on and off the list :)