December 15, 2013

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Fiance and me are getting more and more into the Christmas spirit! Just yesterday I made these potholders for our kitchen because I thought our potholders should be Christmassy too!

Even though I had already made these potholders earlier this week. I'm funny like that..

I also made Christmas signs using the "sticky letter paiting technique" (Sticky letters on blank canvas, paint with acrylics, peel off letters )

For fiance and me it's all about cocooning (staying inside) this Christmas. We had a big bash for lots of friends and family last year, but this year we'll lock the doors - nobody coming in, nobody going out! So we're in hoarding mode now.. "do we have enough candles, food, drink, toiletpaper etc.?" And next to that, we're deciding what we want to eat.. We are big fans of appetizers or "bites" and Pinterest is great inspiration! (If you want to friend/follow me on Pinterest, I'm here!) I'm loving the preparation of Christmas. Even though it's a bit chaotic, it's so much fun!

With the Big Knit Campaign now over (we made 161 little hats! more on that tomorrow) I expect to get more progress on my YoP items than the last couple of weeks. But now I'm off testing and tasting recipes! Bon apetito!

Updated YoP list here!


  1. Love those first ones...the colors! Love them!!!

  2. These pot holders look terrific. Such Christmas spirit for the red and chic for the houndstooth.

  3. Cute potholders :) Need to try some myself

  4. Oh food - I love anything to do with Christmas, especially the food. Looking forward to seeing all your hats!!

  5. Good for you! Lovely potholders/trivets and what a great idea on those sticky letters. I'll be doing Christmas alone which is the usual but I have my girls and I bake and cook and h'ordeurves on Christmas Eve, wine, fire, handwork and Christmas Classics (music and movies). Have a great one!

  6. Oooh, can't wait to see your little hats for the Big Knit. I didn't take part this year, but I've done so in the past. One year I had the receptionist at work making tiny pompoms!

    We're cocooning too. We're telling everyone that we're away, and then shutting the door and turning off the phones!

  7. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments on the potholders!

    Sam I am, sounds like you have a great Christmas eve planned!

    MMOS, you had the receptionist making pompoms? Now that's smart! Enjoy your cocooning Christmas!

  8. Love all the red from the potholders to the signs very festive add into it the houndstooth and well it just makes it all so classy. Sounds like your planning a great Xmas and sometimes it's nice to just hibernate over the holidays.