December 30, 2013

Halfway YoP, how about that?

Hi lovelies! Hope everyone had as great a Christmas as we did? Ours was filled with yummy food & drinks and a lot(!) of downtime. We've seen a lot of movies, from 'The Sound of Music' to 'The Purge' to 'The Lone Ranger'  to 'Terms of Endearment'. And we started watching the 'Once Upon a Time - series'. Needles to say, I was able to do some crocheting and knitting, though I have to mention my pace was very relaxed....

I finished the Snuggle Wrap and decided it needed a crocheted border, and then the border needed an edging.. You can see some mistakes in my knitting, which I can accept since this blanket will also be donated to the animal shelter. I'm just happy I have a bit more knitting experience.

And as always I have made a few 'fast gratificiation'-projects, which this week were amigurumi-style catnip squids. 
I also started knitting this braided necklace, which consists of two strips which need to be put together afterwards.

... which would have been easier if Nala didn't decide she likes the necklace-strips too... (As for the squidoos? Not interested!)

But eventually I did manage to put it together and I'm loving it!

Next week there'll be a picture of me wearing it, promise! So that's that for what I did this week.
As for my half-year 'evaluation' of my YoP list, I'm surprised to say that most of my FO's came from my original list! I think I'm finally getting my impulsive spirit under control when it comes to starting new projects! How about that?! I'm still not sure whether I'll be able to complete my list, but I'm determined to give it a try!
For those who are interested, here's my updated list with FO pictures!


  1. Oh the necklace strings look lovely! I also thought the Catnip Squids seemed like an awesome idea until you said your cat was not interested. That would be my cat all over!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Those catnip squids are awesome for cat lovers! The blanket looks good. Lots of TV here too.

  3. Aww, cute cat! They never seem to like the things we think they'll like... But the braid looks super cool, I'm excited to see how it looks when worn!

  4. It's a great blanket and I had to laugh how the squidgies were ingnored in favour of the stips, that's to typical, looking forward to seeing it next week. I think if you did so well up to now the remainder of the year will be no bother for you, Happy New Year.