December 1, 2013

Hear that? That's my YoP list growing...

I will not add to my list. I will not add to my list I will not.. Okay, I give up.

Maybe it's the cold weather that sparks my enthusiasm to crochet and knit, maybe it's something else but I added ten items to my YoP list! Ten!

It all started with the mits.. Christine from itsaknittingthing made these amazing mits from this iGor Mittens pattern and I just have to make them for fiance! So onto the list they went! But once the ball got rolling I figured, if I'm naughty I might as well be really naughty! ..I really have no idea whether I'm going to be able to complete my list, but let's see what happens!

Not much progress on my WIPs actually, the Bag-Away Blanket is coming along slowly..
Same for Boxing with Basketweave. I'm into the second skein of yarn, and have decided I'll add a neon edging once the blanket is big enough. It'll either be neon green or neon pink (the pink is a bit off in this picture...)

And the reason why I'm moving along so slowly is because I'm still occupied with the Innocent campaign.. I put all little hats in a big vase because there were too many to store them in boxes, but now, I need to make more because I want to fill up the vase!! Hah! Didn't see that coming!

In the meantime I'm really enjoying this Sunday. It's dark and cold outside, but inside fiance and me have lit candles, Frank Sinatra is singing  in the background, and furry baby Nala is snuggling on my lap while I'm writing this post.. Things could be worse..

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  1. You will love making. The IGor mitts! Can hardly wait until there are pics!

  2. That is a cute way to stylize the bottle hats. I love how you're turning that basketweave into a pamper. A neon edging will be terrific on it. What is the ripple project next to the baby wrap?

  3. Wow, you've been very productive. I'm loving the Bag-Away Blanket.


  4. Wow what a lot of hats! I love the photo in the vase. The basketweave is looking great.

  5. oh I love those hats! What a lovely idea having them in the vase although I think I would have a similar problem with wanting to fill it if I did the same lol

  6. What does one do with those wee little hats? Love the ripple ghan, nice work.
    Sandy's Space YOP