December 22, 2013

Hope, Love and Joy

Hello you. Are you ready for Christmas? We still have some groceries to do tomorrow, but other than that we're good! It's nasty outside, grey and dark with cold winds and rain, so I have no intention of going outside today. A lovely day for knitting and crochet!

I just finished my 'Boxing with Basketweave blanket'. It turned out to be a bit smaller than I expected, but I love the neon pink edging and I'm happy I learned a new crochet stitch. I'll donate the blanket to the animal shelter here in Amsterdam, since they're always asking for blankets.

The Snuggle Wrap is coming along slowly.. I still feel like a newbie at knitting and I alternate between knit and crochet projects so that ofcourse also slows down the project. But it's growing nevertheless!

And I was in the mood for a 'little, happy' project, so I made these little Knitties! I made the first kitty (right) according to the pattern, and the second kitty (left) with a 50% increase of all the numbers. I think the bow makes them look festive!

It's getting dark so I'm off lighting the candles, and snuggle up under a blanket where I'll review my YoP list to pick a new crochet project!

I wish you all an amazing Christmas, and don't forget: Enjoy!



  1. Oh, those kitties are cute! What a great gift it would make. The basketweave blanket looks awesome. The neon is a terrific zip of color. Smart idea.
    I still have to clean and wrap gifts! Ack!! We have a baptism this late morning and an evening birthday party. I have to take pics of my niece's cardigan and wrap up her gift when we get back home.

  2. Happy Christmas to you too. I love the kitties and the little framed messages are lovely :-)

  3. Lucky dogs...literally! I've never tried that stitch but I like the looks of it. It will go on my 2014/2015 YOP list. Your "knitties" are too cute! And yes, the bow seals the deal. It does slow things down when you work on multiple projects which I always do..I know no other way of life.
    I love the Christmas label! Where did you get that? It's wonderful. Merry Christmas to you also and it is gray, cold and damp here and I am snuggling up with my yarns, some hot tea and watching football games all day and into the evening....perfect! TTYL!

  4. It turned out great! Love that you are donating it....

  5. Nice projects :D Love those kitties.

    I would probably be able to finish things in just days if I could focus on one project at a time, but mostly I have like 10.. It's more fun that way!