May 15, 2014

Making Birds with Sand and Stones

Hello you.

I took this class a while ago, making birds with sand and stones!

So.. the ideas was to find a bird cutout that spoke to you., and fill it with colorful sand and stones.
It was a lot of fun playing with the sparkles and thinking up the color of your 'imaginary bird'! The final plan is to photograph the birds, so they could eventually be part of a 'nature mural' walls in one of the VU (Free University Amsterdam)

These are a few of my creations:

It was such a new and great experience to me!
Have you ever worked with sand and stoned on such a level?
What is your favourite workshop untill now, and why?


  1. What a lovely idea, like mini mosaics! They look so bright and pretty!
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  2. I've haven't see this before with wood. This is really cool. We've done sand with sticky paper - Hello Kitty at the Nihonmachi Fair.

  3. Those a funky! You could do all kinds of things too - flowers, other animals... my nieces would love that.