May 18, 2014

A spilled drink is all I need

Hi guys!

So I was working on the amigurumi bubble monster, with my juice at my side..

... ... ... ... ... ...

... I'm not even sure how it happened..


I spilled juice all over my crochet work! Boo! It was ruined.. Boo twice!

I threw it all away. I'm pretty bummed out. I guess that's it for my YoP update this week.

Will you come by later this week? I'll be looking for pattern testers, to test my crochet pattern.

Untill next time!


  1. Oh no! That is tragic! I am sorry.
    I one were to stop by again later in the week to check out your pattern to test... What day would that be? :)

    1. Thank you for your sympathy Christine ^_^ I think it'll be Tuesday! (hope to see you then!) Hugs! Lily

    2. Perfect! Will check back then!

  2. Oh no - I'm sorry. Deep breaths - then start again... or a different project?

  3. Ouch! I know how this feels >.< I was working on a corner to corner afghan (in white) for my pup and there was a vase of flowers on the desk, somehow they got knocked over and the water was PINK so the white yarn soon became stained pink. I was so upset! >.> But on the bright side a 2nd start is always cleaner than the first...right?

  4. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that. Is there a cat or breeze you can blame?

  5. If only we could rewind those disastrous few seconds! Boo!

  6. Oh no! I am so sorry--some disasters just can't be fixed. I hope the rest of this week has gone better.

  7. Ack! So sorry that happened to you.