February 9, 2014

Hey Cuties!

Hey Cuties! That's the name of this FO:

These cuties were not on my YoP list, but when I saw the pattern I knew I just had to make one. And when I finished the first pink cutie, I just had to make another one! So there they are, a couple of cuties.. I'm curious how they're both made with the same hook and yarn, yet the green cutie is slightly smaller/shorter than the pink one.. Is it the stuffing then?

I have also been experimenting with knitting stripes without needing to cut the yarn every time I change color. There are probably lots of tutorials out there but I wanted to see if I could figure it out myself.. I think I ripped it out 3times now before starting over and trying a new method, but I think that this fourth try is very close to what I had in mind! I want to make a scarf out of it. I'm dubbing it "Sweet Scarf of Mine". But again, this was not on my YoP-list!

I'm determined to also work on my YoP-list-projects this week. In fact, I've started on Wiener Dog yesterday. I'm calling him Wags... I haven't made pictures of him yet because there's not much special to see yet...

I also took the Microwavable bag out of my WIP basket.. I unravelled a bit because I decided I wanted to mix in a different color..  I wrote a post a while ago about different yarns, linings and fillings for hot/cold packs, and I'm excited to try different fillings I haven't tried before..

My updated list here! Hope you all have a lovely week!!


  1. So cute! It could be the stuffing..but it also looks like the stitches on the green one are a little tighter, so could be tension...you learned on the pink one with a looser tension and tightened up on the green one...as soon as your page popped up I said..so cute! I hadn't read the title yet!

  2. LOL That's awesome! ^^ I think you could be right about the tension, I'll pay more attention to that!

  3. They are cute! Makes me want to try the pattern with my scraps. I've found that different colours of the same yarn can vary widely in thickness, so it could be that as well.

  4. The cuties are simply.. adorable! I'm impressed by your embroidery skills, I wish I could make something even close to that :)

  5. The colours in all these projects are gorgeous. The cuties are indeed, I don't know much about crochet, but the ears look different sizes so I would agree with tension!! They are lovely anyway.

  6. Nice looking cuties! I am about to cast on a hot/cold pack holder for nerd wars!

  7. I like that minty green. The dolls are really fun, like kawaii toys! And knitting one row of red has a baseball effect. It looks spring ready and great.

  8. They are cute! What a lot of little loveliness you had to share this week.

  9. They are "cuties"! I bet it's the stuffing as it can make a huge difference.
    Aren't you smart to figure out your own way to change colors without having to "weave in" countless ends.
    A wiener dog would be wonderful to make as I have a real wiener dog.
    I love all your interesting projects!