February 2, 2014

A Dirty Lady

Turns out I'm a dirty lady. I read this tip on Pinterest:

It does make sense, I just never thought about it.. I'm washing them today.

I've been finalizing my Chevron Winter Pillow Cover. I've decided to sew an envelope pillow cover out of fabric, and sew my crochet onto the fabric.. Now if I could just overcome my sewing-machine-anxiety...

And I finally took Tinkerbunny out of hibernation and here she is! Finished and everything!

It took me almost a year to assemble the parts. Instead of being ashamed, I'm proud I did it! I can't assemble amigurumi if I'm not in the mood or I will go bonkers..

One last thing I just had to share: Nala will only sleep in her bed when she has the blanket I made for her. I discovered this when I took it out to wash it - she wouldn't sleep or sit or lie in this bed! She'd find other places to sleep.. After washing I put it back and there she is.. cuddled up and spinning - woops! I used the Dutch word for purring - like crazy..

Have a lovely week everybody! My updated list here!


  1. What an adorable kitty! At least she appreciates the blanket instead of refusing to sleep on it. :)

  2. Awww. How sweet your kitty has its own blanket. The bunny is like a kawaii one. The chevron blanket is terrific!

  3. Tinker bunny is cute! Good for you for finishing it off.
    It is cool how animals know when things are done/made for them with love.... How smart Nala is!

  4. That bunny is super cute! I'm the same with assembly, just can't make myself do it most of the time.

  5. I've never thought of washing my hook either and yet I wash everything else regularly..brushes, combs, toothbrush, dog and cat brushes. Lightbulb moment! Thank you.
    Nala is so sweet. Remind me next time to get a short haired cat. I adopt but I fall in love before I think about the hair. Is there a name for her breed? She's just so sweet and neat looking. I love my Grace but she needs brushing and gets matted if I don't.
    I make only envelope style as they are so easy and you can change out your covers and wash when needed. You won't have a problem but I have directions if you need them. I love your cover and blanket. Your stitches are always so perfect.
    The buuny is TOO cute. I have got to try amigurumi.
    I wrote down your blog name so I can find you on my blog and it will show me when you have a new post. Have a great week!

  6. Oh, Tinkerbunny is gorgeous - well worth the wait!! And the chevrons are stunning - I love them.

  7. That bunny is took cute! I'm dying from the cuteness! So funny about the kitty

  8. Tinkerbunny is just so gorgeous and I love seeing pictures of Nala. Must wash my own hooks also.

  9. Nala is such a sweetie! I love the way she is so attached to the blanket you made for her.

  10. Your cat is awesome! Mine sleeps with me, in the bed and takes naps everyfreakingwhere: the wardrove, the couch, any box... ^.^

    1. Aw! Your cat sounds so cute! Nala's really awesome, but of course I'm totally biased ;-)