January 12, 2014

Why Not?

Happy Sunday! How was your week? I've had a bit of a surprising, lovely week, actually! I'm a bit hesitant by nature, so surprises - or anything unplanned for that matter - don't always work that well with me. But this week, with every new 'adventure' I was like, "why not?" and "let's try that!" I tried new recipes (for example, a combination of these two 'White Chili Recipes' 12), I met new people, went places I haven't gone before! I felt... free! ....I found this drawing that pretty much sums it up..

As for the YoP, I first have to share the adorable picture of my nephews wearing the Christmas Present Beanies I made and shipped to Canada.. I think they look just adorable!

And after last weeks' pillowcase 'failure', I decided not to try another pillow project...  What I did was finally, finally finish my Lulu Retro Headband! Yay!

I really love that it's crocheted in one piece, and the youtube video on how to put it together is really clear! I might make a knitted version as well!
I also tried making my own 'DIY yarn bowl', an idea I picked up - I believe - at one of the YoP participants' blogs! Essentially, you need a bowl + a binder clip.. How fun!
The project underneath the yarn bowl is a last-minute granny blanket I'm making. I'm using stash yarn and donate the blanket to the animal shelter. Another project not on my original YoP list, surprise surprise!

I hope this week I'll be able to start on a beanie/hat on my YoP list. The forecast predicts some cold weather, so I really could use something nice and warm!

Update YoP list here!


  1. What a great photo of the nephews! And I'm totally loving your headband. I want one too ... although I definitely don't have the hair for it!

  2. Oh, you are too cute! I love that retro headband on you. You go. And your newphews and their beanies. I'm so coveting that light blue one! How cool to have relatives in Canada. The afghan reminds me of spring flowers and Easter - all smiles.

  3. Your Canadian family must love the timely delivery f the Beanies, so cold and miserable here these days...

    Cool yarn bowl!

  4. Quite often we forget to step out of our comfort zones and it's good once in awhile to, helps us remember the magic that can happen out there. Really good looking beanies and I love the headband.

  5. Love the picture of your nephews and their hats. And the headband looks great :-)