January 20, 2014

Floating between winter and spring...

Does anyone else have that feeling that, on the one hand you're still enjoying Winter but on the other hand you wouldn't mind if Spring would come along? I'm still loving the scarfs, mittens, boots, sweaters and hot chocolate, but I would love to see the trees and flowers grow and sprout, and have baby bunnies and ducklings roaming around again!

Last week I summoned up the courage to start another pillowcase project, and I found a pattern that would hopefully match better with the Chevron Winter blanket.. I figured if I didn't start soon, I'd postpone it untill next winter.. So here's the progress so far...

I'm positive this will be a better match than the Puzzly Pillow I frogged 2weeks ago, though it's coming out much smaller than I'd imagined so I might have to be creative how it'll fit around a pillow.. I might have to make another square or sew the back? Anybody have ideas?

I finished the granny blanket last week as well! I just love how easy and fast those granny blankets work up! I especially liked this color combo, it really reminded me of Spring! (and some of you guys too! Yay!) 

So since then I've been in the 'Spring-mood' so to speak.. I want flowers in the house and Spring cleaning and colors and singing birds and all that! Then again, am I ready to not snuggle up under a blanket? Am I ready to not put on boots and not drink hot chocolates? Mmmmmmm...


  1. I am amazed at the back to back blankets you have hooked. That kind of project makes me so anxious. They look wonderful. I hope for the new pillow pattern you've found it will work out better for you.

  2. Really gorgeous blanket very spring like and I hope your pillow pattern works out at the right side.

  3. Your blankets are gorgeous and the new pillow cover is looking great. I love spring too - can't wait to see all the snowdrops and daffodils.

  4. Your first paragraph pretty much sums up how I feel right now! I wouldn't mind winter so much if it wasn't so darn cold!

  5. I'm also ready for Spring, although not entirely finished with Winter. But I don't think I would mind that much if it turned into a very long Spring and Summer.. Warm weather and greens!

    Your projects look lovely :) I hope you find some way to make the pillow work :)