October 14, 2011

Making a Button Tree!

One of my favourite to-do's on my fall bucket list is "decorating the living room" for fall, because it's something that can be a continuous activity throughout fall! And that of course gives me time and options to play creative!
I have made a money tree before, but as a fall piece I thought I'd make a button tree! You can make it in so many ways, but here's my version of the button tree!

What you'll need:
- a blank canvas
- some oil paint
- glue
- buttons

Unfortunately I don't have a hot glue gun so I just used a "hobbyglue". And I went to my local craftshop to buy buttons. They always sell their left-over buttons for cheap (i.e. a can containing 20 of the same buttons for 1euro a can) so I bought 5cans of buttons in several sizes and color!

Before I started painting, I dropped some of the buttons on the canvas and started playing with them, and imagined the tree I wanted to paint.

Make sure you let the paint dry before you start glueing on the buttons! Now comes my favourite part: putting the buttons in place! I first placed all the buttons on the canvas before I started to glue. Of course that's a personal choice, you can also start with one button and let your creative forces flow!

Again, don't forget to wait for the glue to dry! Then find a nice spot in your home where you want to display your tree! (I decided not to frame my tree, but of course that also an option).

And voila! There's my button tree!


  1. That's such an awesome idea! Your tree looks great! I'll have to try that sometime :)

  2. Thank you Jamie! I hope you'll enjoy making it as much as I did!

  3. Such a clever idea and looks so effective. Why do we love buttons so much?