March 19, 2015

Making leather keychains

Hi you guys! I always feel it's been a while, since I spend/waste most of my social media time on Instagram lately. If you want to connect with me by the way, I'm there @lily_razz

But on to the fun craftiness I've been up to lately. Together with some other crafty gals in Amsterdam, we made a whole lot of leather keychains! (it was on commission, we had to make 200 in total) I'm so excited to show you! No tutorial today, just a show-off ;-)


There were three designs made.
1) "strips"
2) circles
3) flowers
Here are the strips:

The circles: 
And the flowers:

Aren't they awesome? I just love the variety in color (don't forget it's leather!) and the fun stitching! I have to say kudos to the designer girls!

That's it for today.. Don't forget to grab my crochet pattern of the flower baby rattle, it's a freebie for this week only!

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  1. These look so cool! Wonderful job, all of you.