February 2, 2015

My little craft fail

Hey you. How was your weekend? I can't believe it's February already! Since I'm getting married in May (yes. I will remind you every blog post. obviously ^_^ ) my little crafty hands are eager to find new projects that are romantic, sweet and/or related to weddings... But every crafter has to admit that sometimes the project does not come out exactly perfect, right? I had something in mind, thought it would be cute and easy.. and it ended up.. as a little craft fail... here's the story..

I thought it would be cute to make a count-down calendar until the day of the wedding. You know, one where you can tear a page of every day, like this?

So I got on my computer and this is what I printed:

So I soon realized that I would have 'tear-off-pages' stuck in front of the printable, and this should've printed something like "yay! this is the day!" or something.. But I went along and printed and cut out 130 little papers that would soon be stuck on there, to be torn off one by one each day!

Uhm.. yeah it just didn't look like what I had in mind... I had tried candle wax, washi tape and double-sided tape to make it sticky on only the upper part (like post-its), but it wasn't happening as I had hoped..

And to make it worse, the 'days' kept falling off!! About 10times a day, I had to pick up all the little papers, organize them and stick them on again.. I kept it going for about 2weeks, but of course this was not a 'crafty success'. In the end I was happy to toss this little craft fail.. 

I say on to the next project! Do you have many craft fails? And do you record them? Or do you just visit Craftfail.com to look at other crafters' failures?

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  1. I'm sorry that don't work our for you. I probably had some craft failures but can't remember them.