January 24, 2015

DIY Wedding Invitations

Okay, the date is set and that is why I've been so busy and not been able to blog a lot. But I just wanted to share with you that I'm getting married!! Yay!!

Fiancé and me are getting hitched on May 15 this year. Soon, right? And there's so much to do!!
But today I wanted to share with you my DIY'd wedding invitations! I'm kind of proud ^_^

This is it! It's a fold-out-booklet you have to pull out a burlap pocket (self-sewn might I add :P ), with a personal gift, a souvenir fiancé and me picked up in Thailand last holiday.

So what's is the souvenir, you ask? It's an embellished coconut shell with a flowery soap inside! When we were strolling one of the night markets in Thailand, we saw a man carving these flowers out of soap, and we thought "that is so cool!" and then Fiancé said: "let's buy these as wedding invitations!" ...I would like to take credit for the cool idea but yeah.. no.. it was him.. :)

Every one of them is handcarved and handpainted and unique! Coolness, no?

And here is the folded out booklet. I used pictures of us as a "watermarked" background, added the KRAFTpapered the back, added pearls, washi tape and a twine bow and voilá!


And yes, then we personally hand-delivered (actually it was more like "deliver-and-run") to each invitee! We drove around A LOT! At the end of that weekend, I was so happy that we had a relatively small wedding party and live in a small country :)

Okay, gotta run.. So much to dooooo!!!!!


  1. congrats !!! love the addition of the burlap pocket, super cute !

  2. Ho'omaka'i! Yay! The coconut shell is beautiful and those flowers are lovely. That is a perfect wedding souvenir for your guests. Creative invitation. Well done.