November 8, 2014

Needle Felting Workshop

Hey all! As you might know I took a needle felting workshop a while ago. What's needle felting you ask? Needle felting is the process of felting/tangling one piece of wool to another using barbed needles. The needles take the wool fibers from one piece and drag them through the other piece where they tangle and attach the two pieces.

So first they advised to make a penguin using an example.. First you make all the basic shapes seperately. Here's my felting needle, the white body and two feet.. The black in the corner is black felt I'll be using to make the penguin's coat and eyes!

Here's the black coat coming on! Those two tadpoles will become the feathers later on.. I was so excited in the beginning I had already poked myself with the needle once, ouch!

No eyes yet, poor little thing!
There he is! Such a happy penguin! After I took this picture I 'neatened' him up a bit, poking all the loose fibers into him... He's my keychain now!
And then...time for some improvisation! FUN!
Inspired by something I had seen on the internet, I frantically began poking into my new project and of course poked into another finger.. Ouch again!
Halfway through the project I began to lose hope of it ever becoming what I had hoped to be.. But in the end it made me smile anyhow.. It became a little "mouse-cat-ball"!

And that was my first experience with needle felting! Yes, I am in love :)
Thanks for letting me share it with you!


  1. So cute! I've bought all the materials but still haven't tried it yet....

  2. Neat-o! You make needle felting look so fun.

  3. I've done a little needle-felting - yours looks much better than mine! And I kept stabbing myself!

  4. Such sweet little needle felt projects! You have given them real character. Happy weekend!
    Helen xox