October 8, 2014

Our Nala

Hi you guys..

I know I've been a bit absent lately.. But our kitty cat Nala fell off our balcony, breaking her tiny pelvis/hip joint.. It's so sad.. Since she's one year old the doctors think she will recover completely by resting and that she won't need surgery (knocking on wood).

She now has to stay in a cage for 6weeks so that she won't jump or run, aggravating her bones. And she can't have any pain medication, she needs to feel when she's putting to much of a burden on her bones..

Poor little thing.. I try to make things as comfortable for her as possible, making her breakfast in bed every day, talking to her and petting her, and letting her sleep as much as possible..

But boy did she give her mommy and daddy a scare! How she did it and what she did exactly, we'll never know, but luckily we've all survived the first week since her accident. She's still in pain and can't walk very well, but her naughty eyes have returned, she's grooming herself and purrrrs like crazy.

So now you know why I've not been here.. Our crazy cat Nala..


  1. Poor thing! Sending lots of good healing thoughts her way!

  2. Oh no! And here I thought a cat always landed on her feet. I understand the scare and she can't even have meds. My gosh, what a warrior.

  3. Awwwie poor Nala :c what a sweet looking cat!
    Get well soon Xx