November 28, 2013

A new addiction?

Inspired by a friend that was talking about making a scrapbook for her boyfriend, I made my own first scrapbook! We had holiday pictures gathering dust in our house, and I remembered that I also saved al the memorabilia of that holiday.  Airplane tickets, actitivy vouchers, hotel invoices, dinner menu's and so on... So I bought a bit of fancy-paper at the eurostore and I started scrapping!
Here's a peak at my work-in-progress!

It's my first scrapbook, so be kind judging me please..

Do you scrapbook? I think it's fun! Especially when it's dark and rainy outside, and you're reminiscing about your super-tropical-jungle vacation in Asia!

This could be a new addiction! How dangerously exciting!


  1. Very nice! I do scrapbook as well as many other things. It's been on the back burner for a while so I need to dig it back out and get my bottom working on it.

  2. Great job. Scrapbooking really sweetens your memories.